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Grow a forest with your adventures

Climate change is not some far-off problem, it is happening now and we need to do something about it.

We need to take more responsibility and grow some solutions together. So let's grow trees, let's grow forests here in Iceland that grow with our global adventures and let's all do a better job carbon offsetting our travels.

You up for some growth?


What can you do about it?

We all have to start somewhere. Right?

About Treememberme

TreememberMe gives you the opportunity to plant trees and make them unforgettable by adding a personal electronic message and a picture that will live on, like your tree, into the future.

You will receive information about how much carbon your trees will offset and you can manage your planting history on your own profile page. You can share every purchase and your planting profile through social media and email.

Collectively, we contribute to a legacy that is traceable, accountable and unforgettable! The trees will be seeded, planted and managed by our respected partner, the Icelandic Forest Service.

Treememeberme forrest
Treememeberme forrest

We promise to plant trees


  • Each tree that you buy is in fact planted.
  • The total volume of carbon offset that we sell is diligently accounted for and correct.
  • Each tree that you buy becomes a part of a permanent forest.
  • Each tree that you buy is an addition to the trees that would otherwise have been planted.
  • The planting of your tree does not lead to carbon emission in another location
  • Dohop does not take any extra fees for being part of the process